Discovering her passion for visual arts as a student, Paige Sara began her wide-ranging photography career at a young age. First with nature photography, then quickly evolving into portraits, lifestyle, and eventually, live music, she found a special sense of fulfillment when combining her love of the camera with her passion for music. Having worked alongside many photographers as an assistant, second-shooter, and peer, she has developed a large range of skill that translates into the many genres of photography that she creates. Running with more than just technical skill, however, Paige's photographs embody a unique style that tell a story and exude emotion all at once. Working closely with clients such as  Interscope Records, Greta Van Fleet, RCA Records, Goldenvoice, Sterling By Music Man.  Having photographed countless shows and artists, Paige travels as a tour photographer as well as shooting portraits, behind the scenes, and more.